Online Study Programs

Earn a Designation ONLINE

The Flexible Compensation Institute, LLC (FCI) offers four self-study programs to both earn ECFC Online Study Program Participantcontinuing education units and to prepare the participant for the exam related to the chosen study guide. Study Programs are available for the Flexible Compensation Specialist (FCS) exam, the Certified in Flexible Compensation (CFC) exam, the Advanced Certified in Flexible Compensation (ACFC) exam, and the COBRA Administration Specialist (CAS) exam.

The study programs, which include instructor-led recordings, the PowerPoints and a Study Guide, for the FCS, CFC, ACFC, and CAS exams provide FCI CE units for the person who registers for the study program, which may be applied towards the CE units needed to qualify to take the applicable exam.

You can purchase all Study Programs in the Course Catalog through the MY LEARNING link at the top navigation bar.

A company may purchase one study program, which can be shared with other employees of the company. However, only the individual who purchased the study program will be awarded CE units. Individuals who use the study program to gain CE units must complete a separate form and pay a CE unit fee to have CE units awarded to them.

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The FCS, CFC, ACFC, CFCI, ACFCI and CAS are administered by the Flexible Compensation Institute, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of ECFC.