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Exclusive member Resources


Lobbying successes designed to protect flexible compensation are just one aspect of the benefits derived from membership in ECFC.

ECFC also serves as a valuable resource to providers of flexible compensation and is dedicated to keeping members informed about policy changes in Washington.

Peek at the Week brings ECFC members weekly legislative updates directly to their inbox! These updates focus on legislation impacting the health care field and include upcoming House and Senate floor proceedings, hearing schedules, bills introduced, and news articles.

If you missed one, they are all archived here. (Members only, log in to view.)

Stay informed about policy changes and understand the latest technical and regulatory developments and how they affect your business by participating in the ECFC Legislative & Regulatory Update Conference Calls.  

If you missed a call, audio recordings are archived here. (Members only, log in to download.)

Flex Reporter provides in-depth coverage of developments affecting cafeteria plans and cafeteria plan service providers.  This quarterly publication is free to Industry Members and available to Associate and Individual Members for an upgrade fee of $150.

See back issues archived here. (Members only, log in to view.)


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